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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smattering of things from my Saturday

Slept in, bfast was late....11.30ish

1/2c 1% cottage cheese, lrg orange, 3 kashi bars (eaten over 2 hours....but still.... brutal. However that was the last of them and with that kind of management I won't be getting them again since I clearly can't have just one), 1c almond breeze with 2T protein powder

Walk - sunny out YAY! and today I was happily carrying my camera. Since I have enjoyed looking at the walk pics that Spunkysuzi posts I thought to bring it along. Now, to perpetuate the myth that in Canada there is a moose in every garage and a beaver in ever creek... VIOLA! The beavers!

Can you see them down there? Difficult little buggers to get a pic of.

Post walk - went to my fav little luncheon spot and had a veggie rye sammich, with a chai latte and a peanut butter cookie. I thought to only eat half the cookie. In fact - I normally would have eaten the cookie first, but today I waited. I ate it last, but even though the first half was good - I finished it. I need to develop a new habit to be able to wrap it up to go for later. Then when I've stopped eating - I can find the strength to toss it. At the table, I can not let food go to waste (yet).

Anyway - got home and then spent 20min shoveling the walk clear of all the extra snow that been pushed around. So a good solid day for exercise.

BAD day for water.... weekends are so hard for me ... I don't know why. I've had less then 2L today and its bedtime. Ug. I have a headache... I wonder why?? bad me.

Dinner was at the friends house. I ate an orange before I went. I knew it was going to be bad... I was charged with the task of bringing dessert. Now.... for those of you that have read my earlier rant, this is at the friend who eats quite fatty high calorie low nutritional value foods. I called her today to go walking, but no. she wanted a 4 hour nap instead. *sigh* Anyway, asks me to pick up dessert.... I ask what she fancies... Chocolate and custard something. *rolls eyes* I know that I will NOT be able to resist, AND I'm going to eat whatever she is cooking. This is going to go very badly for me.

Dinner was: 1 large pork chop in mushroom soup, cauliflower with cheese (I picked the bits with the least amount of cheese on them... FUNNILY, my first action was to get as much cheese on my spoon as possible... but I put that bit back and re-scooped) and white potatoes. I was going to take more, then decided that I would have what I'd taken and IF, and that is a big if, I needed more I can go and get some.

Anyway, not a great finish to my Saturday night.... because.....this is what I brought for dessert:

Chocolate silk cake - not a great option, BUT it was the perfect size (read her NOT BIG) to cut up into 4 and be done with it - no extra lingering around - I can have my piece and that's all. We had that and settled into a movie, she brought out the bloody jujubes again. I had 8. Then decided that was all.

So all in all I give myself:
2/10 for water
6/10 for eating
8/10 for exercise

sleep...well I'm going to get some of that... Right NOW.


spunkysuzi said...

I think you did great with the choices you had!! I can't keep kashi bars and things like that around because i definitely will eat them all!! And i love the picture. I will have more up today as i'm going to brave the weather since it's warmed up a tad and it's actually only -6 today :)

Katie said...

Having grown up in a place called *Beaver Dam*, I recognized those little buggers right off! lol

You did a GREAT job on your exercise,and I think you handled the dessert dilemma quite well. I don't think I would have thought ahead to portions for others. I have typically always made too much so others can have seconds/thirds/fourths. *sigh*
Having to cook smaller amounts of food has been interesting.
Great job!

Mel said...

Given what you had to work with at your friends.. I think you did a great job. Unless we cut people out of our lives.. were always going to have those kind of situations arise. I have friends who do not eat healthy at all.. huge portions...and while I love my friends.. I will not go out to eat with them. Very hard to deal with for sure... but it all boils down to what YOU want and if your old life can fit into your new, healthy, life.

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I think you made wise choices and at least you are thinking about your choices and trying your best. So proud of you.

Water on the weekends is pretty easy for me because we usually go to spin class both days. Maybe you could start your day with a glass, one before lunch, one after and then the same at dinner. Just to start and that will get you going. Just a thought.

Have a great week!