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Monday, January 12, 2009

From Wallowing to Basking & a WI

Thank you to all who commented today. Everyone was totally right, and I guess, sometime you just need to hear it a couple of times to remind yourself that things are not the deep hole that you think they are.

I thank you, and all the people who posted on their blogs today as well. I love reading them, they really help put life and weight into perspective. So I've gone from wallowing in my own pity to basking in the knowledge that today was a new day and yesterdays mistakes don't have to be made today.

So - now for the nitty-gritty. weight is up 0.6lbs, but I'm down 1.3inches.

Pounds - 276

Inches - 324.5

Neck -16.1, Bust - 47.2, Ribcage - 42, Waist - 48, Hips - 52.8, Thigh (L) - 27, Thigh (R) - 26.1, Calf (L) - 18.8, Calf (R) - 18.1, Bicep (L) - 14.2, Bicep (R) - 14.2

Down 1.3inches YAY!!! Food today was significantly better (today is a new day!).

1/3c 1% cottage cheese
1 lrg banana
black tea w/ 1/4tsp honey
1 med non-fat milk half sweet mocha with 1T whip (it appears that I can not learn from my mistakes)
1c BNS Mac&Cheese
1.5c roasted brussle sprouts
1/3c activia apple&grain yogurt
1.5c fresh strawberries (OMG YUM)
pro-atmeal (thanks to nerd girl for this one! me like) protein powder, oats, flax seeds
1/3c pumpkin custard (mixed in)
1 chicken breast pan fried in lite oil spray with 1 sm zucchini
2c mixed greens
10 snap peas
1 sm beet steamed
1T xvirgin oil
1T balsamic vinegar
6x hearty ryr crackers + 2tsp marg
Mint tea x2

Water: working on just over 2L right now, by bed time - should be over 3L.

Exercise: Walked to work (1km), walked home from work (2.2km), walked down the 468stairs from my office floor to the ground floor! (yay).

Better, much much better.


Brandi said...

That's what I like to hear (read)!!! Good for you for pickin yourself up by the bootstraps (or flip flops or tennis shoes...whatever footwear you like :) ) and moving on to a new day :)

Good luck with tomorrow and everyday after. I know you can do it!!

Tena said...

Glad you saw the silver lining! Woo Hoo! There's less of you!

We can do this! Thanks for always having something good to say!

MizFit said...

Im always about the inches as, when I was a trainer, Id immediately get my clients weight training (which would make em tighter and smaller but not necessarily immediately lighter).