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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A change of mind!


Well there we go. I've been waffling on this for a long time...Today I signed up for a Running Room Course that starts at the end of this month. YAY! (Since I'm part Scottish - there is no way that I can give them my money and not use it!) I also signed up for a Yoga class on Sundays at my gym starting next month.

Tonight, I'm going to walk home, eat some dinner, chat with Mr.K, have a bath and then go to bed early - do some reading and snuggle up for a good nights sleep.

I KNOW that this is really going to help with both my mood and my outlook. I can't wait for tomorrow. :)

Also.... should you live in the southern city of the great western plains of Canada and you would care to join me in this clinic (or you just want to send me fan mail! haha) then feel free to email me at: tamzin_inches@hotmail.com


Well - already today I'm a black cloud of misery! I was late to work, I didn't wear a heavy enough jacket and was cold, the bus was late, and then someone jammed themselves into the revolving door with me as I was entering the building... waaa waaaa waaa waaa waaaaa

Already I was planning a massive breakdown about poor me... life is sooo hard.. Booo Hooo. I might as well just give up - I've been at this for so long (har har) and I've only managed to shed 6lbs.
well, today I'm going to change that. Today is going to be less ......

and more this.....

Because I said so.


Linda said...

You go girl!

Did I just say that? lol

Kimberly said...

Only 6 pounds? You had a loss. That is a very good thing.

Slow and steady works. I know it is hard to be patient to see that it does work, but trust me you will come out on the other side and see that all of your hard work pays off big time!

Attitude is everything in this thing.

Go for the win!!!

Katschi (Karen) said...

I'm coming over to kick your ass!
And then you can kick my ass too because I've been putting food in my mouth today without being hungry.
eating eating eating nothing "bad" but you know just eating to eat. well, to calm the nerves really.
the whip cream? So been there!
Take care of your head, Tamzin!

My crazy crazy life said...

I'm reading this and I'm feeling so bad as well. I've been dieting for over 3 weeks and I've only lost6 lbs as well. I had lost 8 and then gained 2...what's up with that? But now I'm thinking, 6 lbs...WOW!!! At least I wasn't gaining the 6 lbs. Go to the store today and lug around a 5 lb bag of potatoes and you'll realize how much you've lost...I think your 6 lbs lost is great!!!