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Monday, January 5, 2009

Various Monday sh*ttery

1. didn't get in 3L of water. Almost, but not quite
2. didn't get 8hrs of sleep last night (Damn you new book)

1. I did drink +3L of water
2. I am not on track for 8 hours...(get off the blog and get to bed!!)
3. I walked 4.5km home tonight. Nice and easy - but good and I was a little sweaty when I got in.

I'll do better tonight. I weighed in this morning for a (slightly) disappointing -0.2lbs burned. It doesn't seem like much really after the last weigh in - but I'll take what I can get since a +0.2 would be very unwelcome. I'll post my measurements and new piccies tonight when I get home. Weeeee!!!! Aren't you excited?? :)

Edit:: I do have a Non-Scale Victory today (last few days) - my wedding&engagement rings are getting loose!! And... I have two pairs of pants that I can ALMOST button up - that were no where near a couple weeks ago. Yay me!

Also a quick thank you to Mel for her comment here today - reminding me that nearly 3L is pretty darn good and that I'm doing great. Which I am, since that almost double what I was drinking before. Actually ... make that a quick thank you to all who come and visit (and comment). It really makes my day and does give me good food for thought :)

This weight change is a small number and is really a result of what I was talking about earlier for me - the monkey say, monkey do. I say say say and want want want... but I don't do do do....there is a Police song in here somewhere. Anyway, now that I'm eating better, drinking more water and getting better rest..... I need to add in the last part of the recipe... exercise. I've been lacking that in a big way over the last month.

1/2 c Almond Breeze
rice pudding (1c brown&wild rice, 1/2c skim milk, nutmeg&ginger).... not great, but not terrible
1 med skim milk latte

Snack 1:
1/3c Apple&Grain yogurt

1c brown&wild rice
3/4c green&yellow beans
1/2 chicken breast
1/2c baby carrots, 1/2c snap peas, 2T hummus

Snack 2:
coffee w/ 2 creamers
1 chocolate turtle (even though I told myself not too)

Snack 3:
1/3c cottage cheese
med banana
coffee with creamers

Water: 3.2L

Snack 4:
1/2c Almond Breeze
Whole grain wrap
1T nut butter
1tsp strawberry grand marnier jam (yumyum)

1 pork tenderloin
2T organic apple sauce (no sugar)
1.5c Acorn Squash
1c mixed vegg (broccolini, yellow carrots, orange carrots, green beans)


Mel said...

what's with this sh*ttery!?!
You had a *great* day and 'almost 3L' is actually more than half of what most people drink.. so ease up there!

I also got sucked in by a book last night.. and def. less than 7 hours of sleep.. D*mn you, good books!!

My crazy crazy life said...

It's very very hard to drink water...by the time I go to bed, I'm gagging down the rest of what I'm supposed to drink and then I'm up all night peeing! You are doing GREAT!

Dani said...

.2 pounds AND better fitting jewelry and pants...that is a victory! Thanks for inspiring me to increase my water intake. I have been slacking! One thing at a time. GARRR!

Katschi (Karen) said...

Sh*ttery...you make me laugh.
WTF? Take a look at your successes, girlie!