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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesdays Blathers

Got my internet back last night - but I had an old friend over for dinner (so not nearly enough blog perving as I would typically enjoy). I cooked for her and it was ALL CLEAN FOOD.... and... she loved it. YAY!! No guilt dinner!

Yesterday was busy busy busy. And... no surprise, I was naughty. I let the head-monsters tell me that "I had been so good that I could have a burger for lunch". I sat at the restaurant and debated getting a salad. Then I flipped a coin and burger won. FOR REAL, I even gave the salad heads!! I should have known better, that if I was that torn, I should have had the salad, but that need to indulge myself was strong and I was weak and full of reasons to let myself fail.

Kashi Bar, Lrg Banana
Skim milk latte
Starter salad - greens with 1 tsp blue cheese dressing, Lrg burger with cheese and bacon, 8 large fries
pro-ameal with pumpkin custard
1/4 slice of Acorn squash, 1/5cx spinach, 1 pork loin with 1T applesauce
Dessert (yes...a day of indulgence):
2 servings of pumpkin custard, 2T whip cream, 5 low cal ginger cookies

Water: 3.5L

468 stairs down to ground floor from office, walked home 1km, vigorous cleaning for 35min

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