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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Darth Cookie

My last week has been summed up with total lack of respect for myself and my goals. I have gone to the dark side, its not good.
I have been eating 'whatever' and pretending like I'm having normal sized portions and I'm not. It's been proven to me time and times again, that when I stop really paying attention to what I'm eating that my old tricks resurface. This blogger said it best yesterday, and what he put to paper resonated with me.
I am not really at a place where I can manage my eating without being totally conscious. I'm not maintaining, and when I stop being vigilant I start gaining.

However, last nights dinner was both yummy for the tummy and good for the soul. It was a great gab session with two of my girlfriends and we enjoyed the evening a lot, not to mention that I hadn't had any good fish for a while - get in my omegas from the salmon!! I'm feeling puffy today, but I'm not surprised...I haven't had any water yet this morning...going to get some NOW.

The house is a total mess again.. I've been perpetually half cleaning the kitchen and leaving a sink full of dishes that pile up and up and up, while the dishwasher sits full of clean dishes. Its bad for cooking, not very motivating if I have to wash dishes before I can get to my dinner. I need to get that under control again ASAP.

Sleep….well, this is a goal that I set and I have yet to get over 7 hours in a single night in the last 2 weeks - apart from weekends where I sleep like a dead thing for 10 or 11 hours straight. So VERY unhealthy, yet such a very difficult pattern for me to break.

1coffee with cream
1 raison bran muffin
1 coffee with cream
Salad (spinach leaves, chickpeas, mushrooms, beets, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, ham, egg, cheese, 1T ranch dressing)
Whole grain bun
1 pat butter
Kiwi edit:: Went and got a mocha and DID NOT eat my kiwi (fug)
1 pot Activia yogurt
3" slice of garlic bread (this was eaten while standing in the kitchen like a wild animal!)
2T extravirgin oliveoil
2T balsamic vinegar 4 small slices rye bread
3/4 avocado
1 can tuna in water
2oz swiss cheese

Tonight I'm going to get my sweat on at the gym and do an hour on the elliptical or on the treadmill, plus walking home and stairs. WEEEE!
PS - did you see.... NO MOCHA TODAY!! I got to break my whip cream morning habit.
PPS - I did end up getting a mocha (brutal) and then I did not walk down the stairs and I took the bus home... it was too bloody cold out.


Brandi said...

*LUUUUUKEEEEE...come back from the dark side......* :)

Now that you are aware of all those things about yourself, you are armed to fight them! You can do this thing and you can do it well. I just know it!

Tamzin said...



Getting Healthy said...

Oh they cannot tempt me with cookies... but is there cookie dough? Has to be a going back to being a kid and licking the spoon thing.
Seeing the patterns is the best step to stopping them.

Mother Hubbard said...

Luke~Cookies fat free good they are Voortman Cookies, Iced Almonette, Sugar Free store to go and buy must soon... computer contraption must you see this*giggles* Yoda Hubbard. *grins*

Katie said...

This was too appropriate! lol (My hubby's nickname is Yoda)
USE THE FORCE, Tamzin! USE THE FORCE! Don't go to the dark side!

Get out your lightsaber and kick some Darth-Kalorie Butt!

May the force be with you!

Tena said...

Cookie? Oh, I thought you said Wookie!

Help us, Obi Wan!

Tamzin said...

I have to say - that posting this and outing hte StarWars nerds has made my week!! HEHE!!!