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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Nibbles

Okay - today was good. Before work was done I'd finished over 2L...thats Great for me! wooohoo! AND I wasn't peeing like a racehorse all day - Phew, my body is starting to adjust!

Yogurt, Banana
Med skim milk mocha
1c BNS M&C, 1c mixed veggies, 6 pieces sushi (California roll)
Kashi 7 grain bar, lemon pepper tuna (85g), 6 hearty rye crackers, 1T butter
Lrg orange
Sweet potato chips, 2 burgers (home made - extra lean ground beef, 2 eggs, 2c rolled oats, minced onion, Worcester sauce, minced garlic, S&P), 2 whole wheat pita, red onion, 1/2 tomato, mixed greens, mustard & ketchup
Water: 3L

468 stairs to ground floor (4.5min)
Gym - 5min walk 3.0, 10min jog 3.6, 5min walk 2.7, 10min jog 3.6, 15min (45min totally - 2.3km)
Walk home - 1.5km

All in all - pretty good day for food and moving! Now......for some sleep!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Katrina said...

Hi! New to your blog. I also follow Shanna's blog. As I was reading your info about yourself it was almost like reading my own. I am all about learning to accept my body now and getting healthier.

HopeFool said...

Those burgers look so good.
I'm actually drooling a little.

Becky said...

OH MY! I just ate and those burgers are making my mouth drool!

Katie said...

Awesome job on the exercise! I can't even imagine jogging for a long time. My gut would give me a black eye! :)

Kimberly said...

My stomach just did a flip seeing those burgers. I haven't had a burger in months! :wipes up drool off of keyboard:

Tamzin said...

Thank you Thank you! I will say that these were as tasty as they looked. I love that you can see the oat flakes in them!! teehee

My "cooking" skillz atre improving (did you see the dirty dishes in the background though! my cleaning skills are not so good).

I'm actually jonesing to get home so that I can have round two with these bad boys. Tonight I'm going to split 1 pita between the two patties though - it was actually too much last night.

LOL LOL I can't believe that I could type those workds.