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Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Real" Sunday Post

Today has been good. Very productive and social which was nice.

I ended up walking 6.2km this afternoon between coffee and bookstores (got two) then walking to some more stores (got new runner) then walking to get my groceries and back(it was pretty nice out). I'm actually a little sore - but I think thats mostly from the shoveling yesterday. I could use a hot bath and getting to bed early. Which I'm going to make my plan for this evening. I'm still not good with the water - but the food today has been okay.

1/2c 1% cottage cheese
3/4c almond breeze, 2T protein powder
Large coffee with cream
1 sunshine muffin
2 pita with 2c mixed greens
2 slices turkey (slices breast meat deli style - VERY nice!)
1 tomato
2oz swiss cheese
4 hearty rye cracker, 1.5T olive oil margarine (new & healthier?!)

That's been all so far today - I'm not hungry right now - but I need to start getting a dinner planned or I'm going to cave and eat something not good. It might be a good omelet night. I could use a little salsa today!

The kitchen is a nightmare - so I'm off to organize it for the week and get my meals & snacks all measured out. If I can manage.... I might just post some fridge p0rn for today as well!!!

Edit:: Dinner has been made, lunch snack have been assembled- kitchen has been cleaned, dishes are washing in the machine! Laundry has been folded, fresh bedding has been put on the bed. Phew!

Decided...that I just couldn't resist having my homemade burgers for dinner again.

2 burgers in pitas
2c greens, 1/2 tomato & 2 slices red onion
2T Mustard (herb, frenches and horseradish mixed)
2T ketchup
Chips: 1 sweet potato (med), 1/2 white potato (med) and 1 sm beet in thin slices - 1.5T oil, cooking spray baked at 450 for 15min - under the broiler for 5min.



Tena said...

Sounds like you had a productive day! What books did you get? Or is that what you meant? I think my esp is fading!

Very impressed by your organizin skills!

Sunny said...

A pita w/ veggies and turkey sounds good! Oh and the pic of your hamburger made me want one, NOW! :)

Tamzin said...

Thank you thank you - I try to get organized to limit my bad habits...doesn't always work.

I'm a total fantasy book geek. I bought the second in a series, Songs of Ice and Fire. The first book is Game of Thrones, and second (the one I bought yesterday) is Clash of Kings.

If you enjoy fantasy/battle books, these are VERY good!! They are the main reason I get so little sleep.