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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Goals (and a WI)

Well I arrived this morning to a bunch of home made cookies on my desk...ARG! I understand that the person who makes them is proud and enjoys baking. Now I have to try and pawn them off on everyone that comes by so that I don't eat them. Who the he-ll things that I would "need" a dozen cookies? Are they blind?

My goal today - I'm not going to eat any. (there are now only 3 left after I've done typing this. Sadly, everyone who has taken one has expressed to be thier guilt about eating a cookie, I guess I'm a fat agony aunt...perhaps they think that I can relate...I suppose that I can).

Weigh-in this morning - 275lbs. Up 1.8lbs.

Ug... this is an annoying pattern for me. I don't post it here- but I do weight myself every morning. I realize that there are some people who set up camp in "daily weigh ins are not good" and the other camp where "daily weigh ins are good".

I post once a week and try to not let the daily fluctuations bother me. I feel that right now I need the daily scale-step to keep me totally cognisant of what I'm doing and how that is manifested in my weight. I think that I can easily slip into a pattern of gaining over a week unless I see the numbers. I would imagine that this will change further down the path. But for now - its daily. Course...I'm gaining - and I'm weighing in daily... fug.

However, that being said, I seem to always weigh-in lighter on Tuesday mornings then Mondays...If that happens again tomorrow, then I'm changing weight in day to Tuesdays.

The best part about this patterns ups and downs is that the higher days are now lighter then they used to be - so I'm looking at that is moving in the right direction. So I'll take a mini-win for that. Two steps down and one step up... I can handle that.


Brandi said...

I agree...if tuesday continues to be a lighter day change the weigh in day to Tuesday. It will help with the mental battle.

Also, that is an AWESOME way to look at it. Even the heavier days are lighter than your heaviest days. Chalk up a win for you!!

Mel said...

I cant tell you how many times i changes my weigh in date to fit my mental needs!!

I also have been checking every day for the reason that if I see it go up.. I can start doing something right away.. not after I weigh in a week later.

That said - i am going to not look all week because I had such a big loss last week and seeing the scale fluctuate will make me mental.

Did I say i was mental? hahaha ; )

Kimberly said...

Stage a freak out at work over food. People will get the hint. I had one on Halloween when someone put a bag of candy on my desk. I threw it over the cube wall to a coworker and told her to take it home to her husband. Since then, nobody tries to give me food.

And I am a daily weigher. But it is more about reprogramming myself to see that the scale does not tell the whole tale. Do what feels good for you. There are no hard and fast rules to any of this because we are all different people with different ways of thinking and different bodies.

Big Girl said...

Good job on pawning off the cookies. That's great.

Also, you have a wonderful attitude on the ups and downs of your weigh-ins. I hope tomorrow brings you good news.

Anonymous said...

I usually weigh myself the same day every week too.
A place I worked at used to hand out chocolates on every birthday and it being a big company it happened often. Soon everyone got used to me saying NO and one person even brought me an apple instead.

spunkysuzi said...

I 'try' to only weigh myself once a week but i confess i do peak :) Food at work?? When i get it i put it in the lunchroom for anyone to help themselves. By the time i go for break they are usually gone! Don't worry about that gain, sometimes bodyies can by so annoying :)

SeaShore said...

I usually weigh a bit less on Tuesdays, too. I figure it has to do with indulging on the weekends.

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I'm one of those that would rather not look daily because it could be anything, water weight, etc. I like to see the bigger numbers although this week there was no loss.

CONGRATS on sticking to your guns regarding the goodies. You really do have a great mindset.

Estela said...

Re: the office goodies...Why can't we just turn around and give them away? Why do we fight with ourselves...maybe I'll just have one tiny bite, maybe just one cookie...but NO, we have the battle going on in our head CONSTANTLY!!

I work in a school and when someone gives me something I do what SPUNKYSUZI does, take it to the "community" lunchroom or I give it to one of the students as they pass by my office.

Estela in South TX

Tamzin said...

true true... at lunch I grabbed a cookies...then looked at it long and hard.....and put it back!