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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Win

Today has been good eating wise, and I'm going to get in lots of exercise this weekend as the weather is supposed to be delightful (in comparison with recent weather patterns - aka: cold as the artic arsehole). Not getting enough sleep by any stretch - last night was only 5.5hrs. ug.

coffee with creamers
banana (kashi bar was a miss fire from the factory and was open partially on one end... so it was pretty much a brick and unedible)
lrg skim milk mocha
chicken Souvlaki , 2 pita, 2T tzatziki sauce

3/4c greek salad(mostly...errrm...99%) tomato
diet coke
3/4c strawberries
1/3c Activia apple&grain yogurt
2 burgers, 2 pita, lots of mixed greens, tomato, onion, mustard, ketchup
sweet potato chips, beet chips (oh yeah, I went there again!!)

Water: 3L woohooo and counting

walked to work 1km/15min
468 stairs to ground floor (4.5min)
Gym - treadmill (going to aim for 3 10min jogging sessions and 20min walking)
walk home - 1.5km/25min

I'm feeling .... snacky.... so tonight getting home without stopping for any extras is going to be difficult. I'm going to get my oatmeal now - so that my orange should fill me up pretty well - or well enough to get me in to the house before I stop somewhere for "treats". Last week it was salty chips and disgusting subway... this weekend I am not going to do that. I was SO UPSET on my weight-in day after stuffing myself all weekend. This one is going to be better!

no extra snacks today! OH YEAH!


Stages of Change said...

Right on. It CAN be better! Good luck warding off the ever dreaded Snack Attack tonight, and good luck this weekend!!

Katschi (Karen) said...

OK, why is the walk home longer than the walk to...a different route?
Walk away from the snacks, Tamzin!
Or bring a snack from home to eat on the way home.

Tamzin said...

You guessed it girlie - I always walk home a longer (or much longer a while ago) route...or in the mornings...I'm late and take the short one!

I've got to get back into my 4 or 5km walk homes after work again... but I'll wait for warmer times.

...and I DID IT!! All the way home... no snacks - no stops. I mostly thought about a terrible annoying meeting at the office and used my irritation to fuel my pace. I was home in a flash!


thanks you two!

Sunny said...

yum, chicken souvlaki and a greek salad sounds good! Sounds like you had a healthy day. :)

Linda said...

Awesome job. I am impressed with 3 10 min jogging sessions. My poor knees can't take it yet. Congrats on NO SNACK STOP

Anonymous said...

I made the sweet potato chips, or crisps as we call them in the UK, that you made on Thursday. They were lovely, although I should've cut them thinner and grilled them longer, but thank you for the idea.
I'm always looking for new things to do with sweet potato.

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

Way to go on not stopping for snacks. And that chicken souvlaki sounds yum-o.

I have been swamped this week so I am just catching up on blogs.

Tena said...

Yay! No snacks today! So great!

Fridays always seem hard for me. I guess it's the dreaded night out that makes me feel like I need a treat! Glad you passed em up!

And thanks for compliment about my hair! Make me feel so good!

believerinchrist7 said...

You go girl... I am a weight struggler to.
I hope you give me inspiration to get on track myself. Hang in there.