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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well - my food today wasn't much better - but I have to say that this afternoon the "paperwork gawds" gave me a break and I managed to do some (very not work related) work done, on me.

I sat and read up on some weight loss blogs, read up about fibre & waters role in weight lose, the BMR and RMR, and a bunch of other very simple yet effective, yet so bloody simple things that you must do to get your body burning fat and getting lean. And a few things about the mental side of these kinds of things.

For three hours I sat in my little office space and thought about me, and all the reasons that I've been do down on myself and what that might really be about and why I had such an out of sorts day - and how ALL THOSE THINGS ARE CONNECTED. I don't have any reason to be so hard on myself.

I'd been meaning/talking about doing a running room clinic for a while, so I went to their website - looked for a clinic that is starting and then went over right after work and signed up. (see post below) Take.My.Money!

When 5 o'clock came, I popped out of my chair like a new human! I had a spring to my step - I know that I can do this. I have it locked down. Now is not the time to stop, now is the time to press EVEN harder in the direction that I want to go. :) Then I went to perv blogs tonight and right there... on Jens blog was a cartoon of the very thing that I was experiencing... (I'm going to steal her cartoon here), now that I've crawled most of the way up - I can't stop.

Anyway - she does a much better post about it - so go read hers!! :)

468 step to ground floor
2km walk home

Water: 2L (at office), 1.5(at home) - 3.5L total!

1/3c 1%cottage cheese
1 coffee with creamer
1 lrg blueberry bran muffin
1 med skim milk mocha lite whip(yep...I know..brutal)
Starter tossed salad with 1T blue cheese dressing
1 Canadian Burger...eh! (cheese and bacon)
1/2 plate of fries
1T ketchup
1.5c strawberries

1/3c yogurt
1 very sour kiwi (with skin!)
Salad (2c mixed greens, 1/2 tomato, 1 whole avocado, 6oz turkey meat, 20 grapes, 3T red onion)
3" of the heal of a Garlic Clove Loaf (bread with whole garlic cloves baked in it...total decadence and totally garlic love)
Salad dressing - 1T extra virgin olive oil and 1T balsamic vinegar
Bread Dip - 1T extra virgin olive oil and 1T balsamic vinegar


MeltingLisa said...

Yay! You signed up how awesome is that!

I did my first EVER yoga class today *insert eyes popping out here* ... hehe ... I am proud of myself, as you should be :)

Katie said...

That salad looks REALLY good! I hope you love your Yoga class! I use it before my cardio and after for warming, toning, calming, cooling down, etc.
I had to start out with the Just My Size yoga (read: fat chick yoga) with a fat model who actually knows how impossible some poses are for the big girls.
I've moved on to Wai Lana, and she's been the best for me so far. Soothing, and adaptable for the moves I can't quite get to yet.
I can't wait to hear what you think!
p.s. It actually kicks my butt, too! I feel the stretches later--oy!
Great job on your exercise! You inspire the heck out of me. :)