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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterdays Nosh n' thoughts

My internet went down last night in when I started this post - so I lost it all. I'm hoping everything is good when I get in tonight - then I can stick it up here.

Eating - 7/10
Water -10/10
Sleep - 2/10

Bfast: Peanutbetter kashi bar, Lrg banana, Black tea w/ 1/4 tsp honey
Snack1: Lrg skim milk half sweet moch latte (lite whip)
Lunch: Lrg slice lasagnua, 2c spinach salad (spinach, cherry tomato x4, 2tsp bacon bits) ,1T hummus
Snack2: 1.5c fresh strawberries, 1/3c yogurt
Water - 1.6L
Snack3: Med skim milk half sweet moch latte (lite whip)
Snack4: Orange
Dinner: 2c BNS mac&cheese, 2.5c mixed veggies

Snack5:... I know i had something, I can't remember what it was though. Damn.

Exercise: (was good)
468 stairs down to ground floor;
walked to work 1km/15min;
gym treadmill - 5min walk 3.0, 10min jog 3.6, 5min walk 2.7, 10min jog 3.6, 15 min walk 2.7 - totaled to about 2.3km; and
walked home - 1.5km/25min.

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