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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Treat Day Hell at the office

Today.... its cheese scones, muffins and cookies.

Todays goals are:

1. not have any treats
2. drink +3L water

I can do eeeet!!


OH YEAH!!! *flips treats the bird* take that treats. I WIN AGAIN!!

me - 2
treats - 0


Katschi (Karen) said...

Yes you can!
WTF is it with all the "treats" anyway?
I don't understand this about office culture.
Please explain.

Tamzin said...

me thinks... its so that you get so fat that you can not leave your desk and then are forced to work MORE!


Kimberly said...

Once you kick the treats habit, everything gets so much easier. When I was first starting out on this journey that was the first thing to go.

You CAN do it!

Stages of Change said...

You can do it. Office treats are one of the more nefarious things out there, but be strong!

Your goals today are in your capable hands, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!