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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spawn - Day 1

Water: 182.6oz
Calories consumed: 1604
Exercise: 2mile walk

I'm not sure what Allan is going to think about this... as we are supposed to follow either 1200 calories... or my goal weight calories (2090)...so either I'm 400 over or 486 under or 4 over. Well ... how do you like that! Either way... I'm pleased.

This week my goal is 1600 calories a day with 36 grams of fat, 220 grams of carbs, and 100 grams of protein.

I'm hoping to get closer to 1200 by the end of December, but I'm not willing to go there now.

Water... this afternoon I got busy and the bottle was empty. I missed out on a lot, since I'm aiming for my 200+ ounces. 182 is over my water goal (163oz). So that is good.

I'm feeling a little hungry, but that is no problem. Husband just offered me an evening snack and I said no thanks. Must make that a habit! ;)

okay - that is all for now. I need a good 15min of perving on blogs to see how every one else is doing today.

Food Today:

My Fit Foods
Mix n' Mash - chicken breast, rice, egg whites, roasted peppers, salsa, low fat cheddar cheese, spices
Good Morning Sunshine - ground turkey, rice, egg whites, salsa, low fat cheddar cheese, spices


Twix said...

I thinking you're doing well, keep it up. :)

Ann (-35 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

GREAT job on the water!

I chuckled over your calorie dilemma.

I'm going to try for 1200 calories per day. (Why not? It is only for three weeks, after all.) So, I misread a label and put myself over by about 50 calories. I found myself thinking, "well, I'm still way below 1595 ..." (my goal calories level). I stopped myself. I was trying to rationalize - a fancy name for excusing - so I'm just saying I went over and need to do better today. LOL

YOU, on the other hand, stated you were not shooting for the 1200 version, so give yourself credit for being under your goal calories. If you remain under that goal weight calorie target, you are going to see pounds come off. THAT is well done!

What is Allan going to think? Probably that you did an awesome job on the water, and a pretty good job on the caloric intake (though you left room for improvement). You know Allan ... he sets high expectations for his peeps! LOL

I'd say your first day was a success!

It will be fun to see all our numbers at the very end of the year, won't it?

Good job on turning down the snack, especially if you were a bit hungry at the time! I need to get better at saying, "no, thank you."

Keep up the good work!!

Kimberly said...

you ate less than your goal weight. you ate like a thin person.

that is the goal of this here challenge.

well done.

Laryssa said...

Keep following your goal weight plan ... if you eat less than 2,000c it's even better. If you're able to keep going at 1,600c it'll just mean a bit more weight loss than if you ate at 2,000c. Either way, as you've seen in the past few weeks, you can lose the weight easily by following this plan. :)

Good job on not having that snack ... especially if hubby had one. That makes it harder for me so it probably does for you too. Even more when you're already hungry.

How I'm Losing It said...

Ok, I'm confused now too! Either way, 1600 calories sounds like a good plan. And all that water sounds even better. Are you handling the water intake ok? I was letting it slip further into the evening, and then trying to play catch-up, but now I'm shifting that to sipping all day at my desk, and it seems easier to get to goal, and even past goal.