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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spawn - Day 8

Ahh H2O how do I love you!??!!

Yesterday I got a staggering 183.5oz.. and you know what... I woke up THIRSTY this morning.

Wow.. the body is a strange and mysterious machine!

Water today is lagging as we are CRAZY at the office today. You know, the typical... holidays are coming, people are freaking out about stuff they should have done AGES ago and now they have like... 2 days to get it all done because they booked holidays already. bla bla

Makes for some interesting times, and I would like to add that I have done 3 flights of stairs already today and there are more coming.. I can tell. I'm going to be all over this office today.

I'm REALLY hungry right now. Breakfast had less protein than usual, so I'm feeling it right now. Lunch is salmon with quinoa and broccoli. That will be nice and yummy and filling.

This afternoon there is a long ass meeting with snacks. I'm going to be getting my oatmeal in me before I head into that. Keep the fingers off the food!

Allan posted this morning an awesome post. If I continue my trend, I will be at my goal weight in May... right in time for the husbands birthday...

Now that is some food for thought. That is really really amazing... to think that this is possible, after 3 years of struggling and gaining. I'm excited. Really Excited.

okay - lunch is calling me now. Must refill the water as well. 76oz of water in me today already. Must keep it going.

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Kelly said...

I LOVED Allan's post this morning. The thought of being at goal so soon keeps me going.

You're doing great. Keep it up.

Mrs. D said...

I loved that post too- my husband's birthday is also in May! It's weird how 2 months ago, I struggled to get the bare minimum of water, and now I think I'm dying if I have less than 150! It's what our bodies needed this whole time!

Allan said...

Only you can do this. Follow through and stay on target. There is no pixie dust, this is hard !!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Keep up the good work, dear. Allan is very inspirational and I enjoyed his post this morning too. :)

Princess Dieter said...

If I were doing the 1200, May of 2011 is also my "reach 160 goal weight" time.

I'm doing a higher calorie level (experimented with 1200 last week, and it was just not making me a happy camper mentally. I'm a wuss.)

I wish I could eat salmon--or any seafood. Miss it. Hope you super enjoyed that fish.

Kimberly said...

Way to plan your day to ensure your success. That is all it takes. You can so hit that May date.

And I am hitting the stairs at work too because they are supposed to help with the running.