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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday Overindulgence

Got up this morning and took the hubby for a 3.5mile walk. It was SO beautiful out. We had a light breakfast - shared protein shake and a banana.

Post walk we went for breakfast at our fav bfast spot and sat out on the pattio. I love this weather. Sunny, warm, but with a cool breeze. LOVE IT!

Home for the afternoon, had a long bath and read in the tub. Watched some documentaries and did some crafting.

We had plans for the evening to celebrate Hanukkah with friends over Latkes at a great restaurant. I had my evening meal plan all laid out. And...

I ate more than I should. And now I am filled with remorse. Especially after such a great victory last night at the Christmas party. Arg. :(

I had planned for 2 latkes, some sour cream and some apple sauce. I ate 3, and then had half a blintz. That was an extra 385calories... which put me over my daily total by 292.


I did have a lot of water today, and we did get some excellent exercise in. Tomorrow is the start of Phase 3 of Allan's Spawn of Son of Double Dog Dare You Challenge. I am going to have to get MORE dedicated.

Weigh in tomorrow morning.

Food today....

1 comment:

Joy said...

Oh I know the "morning after" guilt feeling all too well. You have been doing awesome; brush yourself off and begin today anew! Take care!