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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last night after blogging I added some foods to my list. I had 2 cups of tea with honey .5T in each (64 calories) and 10 almonds (85calories), but did not add spinach to my meal (-41 calories). At work I caved to the pressure of a chocolate. I knew I shouldn't have, but it was put in my hand and so I ate it. Peppermint bark chocolate square (46) - So I ended up at with a calorie total of 2027, which is 47 points over for the day.

On to the rest. Great NSV today.

Today I am wearing pants that last winter/fall I had to sew extra buttons onto about an inch in from where the other buttons were to make them fit. In fact, I'm pretty sure that these pants didn't really fit when I bought them. However, today... they buttoned up on the original buttons perfectly. I even got confused about where the buttons were as there were so many in there. HA!!! That is a great feeling. Pants are FITTING!!!

I've had 2.5L of water so far today and a 8oz coffee.

Food is good. I'm full from my breakfast and snack. Lunch is going to be late today since I'm totally STUFFED right now from my greek yogurt and (recently plucked) grapefruit.

Speaking of, the husband and I went out last night and got some more grapefruit out of the forest! hahaha I love it. We could only reach 6 of them... so that will have to do...until I get the tree trimmer out there and get some off the higher branches. My co-workers think I'm nuts. Maybe I am.

Here is todays food:

Good Morning Sunshine - Ground turkey, parboiled rice, egg whites, spices, salsa
Killa Chili - ground beef, beans, tomato etc etc like reg chili
Fit Mac - whole wheat noodles, ground turkey with spices, tiny bit'o cheese (we will mix in 2c tomato sauce, and 2c of spinach. Yum!)


Mrs. D said...

What an awesome NSV! I don't think the grapefruit is crazy- it's free, AND you're working for it ;)

Allan said...

The first DDDC Ticker... Awesome

Mrs. Crumpet said...

wicked cool, congrats on the pants yayness!!!!! I still am madly in love with your excel sheet. Keep plugging at it darlin!


Twix said...

Very good NSV! Congrats!! :D

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Fitting pants? LOVE IT! Great victory, congrats!

Joy said...

Congrats on the NSV! But I am a bit worried about this disturbing grapfruit-cleptomaniac episode of yours, lol. JUST KIDDING! Wild grapfruit might be the craziest thing; I have never seen it before but I wish I had! I would be up that tree before you could blink!