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Friday, December 31, 2010


My boss came over to me yesterday and said...."you should 'work' from home tomorrow". WOOOHOOOO Surprise extra day off for me.

Wow...that was nice. Guess what I did....

I went for a walk. :) okay... I slept in a little as well. But got up - threw on the old clothes and headed out to the park. It was HUMID today. All that rain has pumped up the temps here in H-town. I was a little tired and sore but it was still nice to just get out and move.

Tonight we are doing a late dinner with another couple. The husband and I are going to share 2 appies between us instead of major meals. Then we are going to retire back to the friends house for some libations and to see in the new year.

I'm not a drinker - so I'm bringing my favorite Pink Grapefruit Perrier water. I love that stuff.

I stepped on the scale today and I am just a little bit lighter than I was last week. Dec 31st 2010 I weight 258.5 (down .3lb). This is the lowest that I've been in 2 years.

2011. Bring it! I can't WAIT to see how I master this year. Happy New Year to All!!!


Tammy said...

Enjoy your plans tonight and have fun ringing in the New Year. I'll be staying cozy (hopefully) at home tonight with hubby.

How super to have an extra day off. I love my holiday break.

You're on a roll now and best wishes for continued success in 2011. We can and will do this!

Twix said...

Cool to have a day off. Congrats on the continued loss! :D


Laryssa said...

Happy New Year Tam!! I know 2011 will be your year to shine all the way to your goal weight!!

spunkysuzi said...

Happy New Year! I just wish it was humid here :)

Tena said...

How nice of your boss to give you a day off! The humidity is letting up a little tonight - yay!

Keep up the good work! You're doing great!!

Happy New Year, Tammy!

Kimberly said...

Cool boss!

And I have had my windows open all day. It has been beautiful to have the fresh air flow through the place.

I hope your New Year's Eve is/was a good one.

Mrs. D said...

I think it's great that you used your time off to get in some exercise before going out with friends! Hope you had a fun night and happy new year!

Joy said...

Hey Tamzin, just caught up on your last few weeks of 2010 and I must say, you are owning it! I am so jealous of all your walking; you are doing crazy good! Keep it up!!