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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


YAY!!! Holiday.

I had a good sleep in..to 8.30am! and a leisurely morning around the house. My 11am date with my crafting friend was awesome. She got a new sewing machine - her first, so I was over there showing her the basics and we did some awesome little crafty projects.

I took over 2 of my hubbys old dress shirts and we made wine bags out of the sleeves, and tote bags from the bodies.

We had a very late lunch at La Madeline. I drank loads of water and husband and I are about to go out and get a whole wheat crust spinach, mushroom and feta pizza for dinner.

Last night we did nearly a 4mile walk. My dogs are tired. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go and do it again... alone this time. He has to work.

Today has been a very nice reprieve from the office treat hell. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week relaxing and being busy outside.

Food today:


Vegan Chick Pea said...

That crafting date sounds fun! :) And GREAT job on the four mile walk!

Kimberly said...

Where did you get that pizza? I would eat that.

And I WISH I could sleep til 8:30. 6:45 is a late sleep these days.

Tamzin said...

Kimberly....that pizza is at the very old, very excellent Fuzzies Pizza in H-town. You CAN get it!

Its the florida. I forgot there are tomatoes on it too. LOVE IT!!