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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back at work.

Oooooh, this morning it was tough to get out of bed and get showered, dressed and out the door. But... I did it!

Oatmeal for breakfast. About to go and get my coffee for the morning. I am planning a walk when I get home this evening. Dinner is salad with diced chicken.

Oh...and I'm wearing a 1x sweater today that I've had for 8 months...waiting for me to get into it. I put it on and couldn't believe that it fit. I wish that I had taken a picture of what it looked like 3 months ago.

*Big Grin*


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Congrats on the new sweater. I love fitting into things that I never believed I would get into. Have a great day.:)

Carly said...

Wooo Hooo on the sweater! That is the best feeling ever!

Kelly said...

The sweater is a BIG victory. Congratulations. Pretty soon it will be too big for you so don't get too used to it. ;-) One of the terrible side effects of losing weight: buying new clothes.

spunkysuzi said...

You da bomb :) Seriously that's an awesome NSV!!

Jaime said...

Nothing better than fitting into smaller clothes, awesome!