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Friday, December 10, 2010


CJ at Weight too less tagged me in a little exercise that I've enjoyed!

1. What would you say to someone just starting out on a weight loss journey?

Calories count! Water is vital. Planning is a must. Start moving more. The most important thing.. don’t give up!

2. What is your passion? The thing that you absolutely love doing, that is not necessarily, but can be, related to your job or role in a family?

Passion. I used to have a lot of passion for my sport, rugby. But I retired from that 5 years ago and have not found anything to replace it yet. Oh gawds, that sounds so depressing when I type that out. I have a lot of passions I guess, but none that were so all consuming as rugby. I played for 14 years, lived in the UK, traveled and competed, coached. Now I’ve stopped, got FAT and lost my lust to do physical things. I do lots of stuff though… sew, craft, read, write. Jeeez. I sound soulless. Uuuum. I guess I’m looking for my passion right now.

3. If money and time (or any other obstacles) were not an issue, how would you spend a week (or even a weekend) that you had to yourself (and who would you spend it with, if anyone)?

Easy…I have many places I want to go, but this one is calling to me right now. There are a set of remote lighthouses that you can rent by the week on the coast of the Shetland Islands. I’ve been pre-planning a holiday up that way for a while now. Hiking, ocean, remote. Beautiful! My family came straight from there to Canada and we still have relatives there. I can’t wait to go.

4. What has been your most satisfying moment so far on this journey?

I can’t say that I’ve had one. I’ve been at this for the last 2.5 years and I’m heavier now than when I first started. My first real milestone will be to get under 270. That is the lightest that I’ve been since 2008. Then from there it will be all new ground to break. Which I'm looking forward to.


Vegan Chick Pea said...

You can get to your goal. You're doing well! :)

CJ said...

Great to know a little bit more about you :)

You'll get to your goal weight soon. You are working so hard!