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Friday, December 10, 2010

Spawn - Day 3

OMG...slept like a dead thing last night. I need a few more sleeps like that and I'll all caught up on any missing sleep. Which I am... I can tell because I am like a super monster hibernating bear in the mornings. RAWR... no want to get up.

Work has been hectic and annoying. I'm so glad that it is Friday.

Breakfast was good and filling. Lunch was the second half of last nights dinner. I'm so sick of being at my desk that I'm going to go and sit in my car in the parkinglot for 20 minutes. No food there, no temptations there and no people there. Perfect hideaway.

Husband and I will be going for a walk tonight, I am hoping for another 3miles.

Water is going well. Food today is:


Ann (-36 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my fun photo yesterday, Tamzin! You are always so encouraging and supportive, and I appreciate that.

SLEEP is a good thing! I was sound asleep, until the phone awakened us ... talk about jarring. Sheesh! You'd think people would at least wait until sunrise.

The best thing about Fridays? They lead into Saturdays! Enjoy your weekend, my friend. Eat well, and stay focused!

Mrs. D said...

Sometimes you just have to get away from things- especially an office full of women and Christmas treats! You're doing so awesome!! Getting enough sleep can affect weight loss, it needs to be a priority! I have a problem with that too lol! Enjoy your walk!