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Friday, December 17, 2010

Food Today

Well, I'm back on track. I can not say that I have NOT been tempted to have some treats, however....


victory is mine!

I did go for lunch, but I had a small roasted beet salad to start and then shared a burger and fries with my coworker. Neither of which was particularly large. In fact, this is a really nice steak place that does burgers on Friday with the steaks that didn't sell in the week.

Which, when you think about it is kinda nasty.. but.. the burgers are REALLY lean. I loved it.

Tonight I'm getting out for a big walk. Then we are going for Indian dinner. Mini Iddlies and a shared peas aloo parath. Its hot, yummy and filling. I can't wait. Then home to do some crafty stuff while watching more season one of Fringe!

I'm really pleased that I've managed to stay OFF the chocolates.

Food Today:


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I would urge you to be careful with those restaurant burgers. They scare me because they can find all kinds of ways to add fat that you wouldn't even think of. Not trying to rain on your good day. You are doing great and congrats on beating the temptation. I just wanted to share that I learned the hard way that restaurant foods can be misleading. :)

Kimberly said...

Awesome news on regaining control over the treat monster.

And I have to agree with Karen. Be careful. It could make you go WTF when stepping on the scale when your intentions are good.

Vegan Chick Pea said...

FRINGE! My boyfriend loves it. I don't at all. But I adore Kirk Acevedo, who plays Charlie Francis, so I record the show and just fast-forward to the parts he is in. Hahaha. ;)

Mrs. D said...

Oh dear, I've really struggled with temptation the last 2 days.. No giving in yet, but just barely! Hope you enjoy your night!!