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Monday, December 6, 2010


As in.. I'm keeping on moving forward!

Today has been good. I'm happy with my eating. We have a birthday dinner tonight - seafood place. I'm going to have grilled shrimp or grilled fish tacos, water and some chips and salsa.

Yesterday we had a walk in the afternoon...picked the last of the grapefruit that we could reach (with our short tree nippers). I had one already today and they are just so good. The top of the tree is laden with fruit. I have never understood the frustration of an animal that can't reach something that it wants more then those moments I stood at the base of the tree looking longingly up at the yummy yummy fruit. haha

Attitude today - Positive.

Water: Good. So far today I have in me 110oz. I am about to refill the water and will get through another liter before home. Ihave a 16.9oz bottle waiting for me in the car for the ride home and tonight, water will be had before every bite of my meal.

I will keep on moving forwards. I must. not.fail.

Here is food today:


Kimberly said...

If you never quit, you can't fail. It is that simple.

Take each day as they come and don't focus on anything beyond that day. You have no control over anything other than what is in the now.

You can do this.

CJ said...

YAY! Thats the attitude! I know our body works in mysterious ways! The hard work yyou are putting will show up on scale for sure. I see that when I overeat or indulge in heavy foods the scale does not immediately show a gain. It climbs up after a week or two. So I know that the weigh in isn't about the week that went by.

Michele said...

Yes, keep moving forward!

Mrs. D said...

Just keep swimming.. The scale will eventually catch up with your work!