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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super Saturday!

This morning we had a great sleep in. I love snuggling on a Saturday morning!

We had a quick snack of a kashi bar then headed out in the Houston sunshine in our shorts and tee shirts (teehee! Sorry Northerners...I couldn't resist) and had a good 3.5mile walk.

We stopped at the My Fit Foods after for some brunch, and Starbucks for a coffee.

Now am home and getting ready to do some of the weekend fun stuff (cleaning, laundry mostly). I have some great films up on netflicks right now that I want to watch and some crafting to do for Christmas presents, I need to get my Christmas cards pounded out as well!! Its going to be a great day. I might sneak in a long hot bath with a book as well.

Water is going well. We are going to get the fixings and make yummy salads tonight for dinner. Very excited. Day is half over so I want to get to it!

Happy weekend! Drink your water!!

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Joy said...

Snuggling, a walk, Netflix, crafting?? Are you TRYING to make me insane with jealousy? My day is consisting of me sitting on my cushioned behind at work in a freezing building for 12 hours in front of a computer. Yeah, it's thrilling *eyeroll* Although it does make it easy to catch up on blogs!

Hardy har har about the shorts and tee shirts comment. Your little butt would be one frozen popsicle if you tried doing that here! ;)

Kimberly said...

Wasn't today divine? Houston weather is the weirdness but today sort of rocked.

Tena said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Weather was perfect today! I spent time trimming trees and playing with my dog, Sydney. Then I cleaned and did laundry, too.

The coolness is coming. Even better snuggle weather :)