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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Todays final totals:

Water: 193.2oz
Kibble: 1600c
Walkies: 0


Tonight I had a some NSV's!!

We have some friends that gather EVERY stinking Wednesday for coffee at a coffeehouse. They consume coffee, snacks, cake and cigarettes at a rate of naughts. Its an eclectic group of gamers, geeks and the like (us included). I used to be right there with them, every Wednesday, tossing back mocha-choka-muthafukachinnos and muffins and snacks.

Then we stopped going so much, and now, I typically do not want to go at all. Its a scary place that I used to eat at and love to eat at and has my fav combo of things.. caffeine and chocolate. The people aren't great, I miss that bit of it. However, this is a food trap and I've been avoiding it.

Today we decided to go. Friends were complaining that we don't come. I ate my dinner and plotted. What will I do....

1. Will I cave and get a skim mocha latte and share a muffin with the husband


2. Will I stay strong and get a herbal tea and eat nothing....

There was a small war going on in my head the whole time we were headed up there. Will I... won't I.. will I.. won't I. Should I, shouldn't I. There was a lot of math going on in there (ouch) and a LOT of bargaining, and excuse making and justifications.

I will be honest, up to the point where I was ordering I really wasn't too sure what I was going to do. Then the teas were right there... and I decided no caffeine... and viola. Cinnamon Spice tea, herbal, no caffeine. Warm, hot and calories free.

One of the people went and got cake and you know what else... I didn't watch her eat it.

Do any of you have that habit. I always used to watch people eat, especially if it was food that I liked. I would watch the fork, in the mouth. It was probably creepy. Anyway, I just decided that it wasn't worth it to torture myself.

so there! NO F*CKING up today and a couple really great NSV. I ate dinner and nothing since and... I didn't die.


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Nice! *high five*
It's always tough to go back to where you used to hang out and change your habits. But you did it! That's awesome!

bd160 said...

Good for you!!! You braved the Land of Temptation and survived!!! :D That's a great NSV - I hope I can do as well as you did when I'm faced with the same challenge.

Ann (-36 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Very good! It isn't easy, is it?

That is how you end the journey with success - one good decision at a time.

We have a place nearby, just as you described. I've been avoiding it too. But, if I do find myself there, I'm going to think of your story - and your strength - and pass on the mocha and muffin!

Vegan is right - you deserve a high-five on that NSV! Well done ...

Kelly said...

Right on! I am the queen of making bargains with myself when it comes to stuff like that. We're making awesome changes!

Mrs. D said...

That's such a huge nsv!! Coffee and chocolate, especially together, are my kryptonite too. We can handle it though!