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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Weigh In!

Weigh in this morning....


That is down 3.7lbs this week. YAY!!!!

I've been on this terrible "two steps forward, one step back" phase for the last 6 weeks and even though it is frustrating beyond belief, the end result this week is the lowest weight I've been at in a LOOOONG time. A year to be exact.

This graph says it all:

Last year on December 27th I was 297.8lbs. A 12lb difference to today. Wow. I'm really pleased with my water intake and my calorie counting and boy howdy, has it made a difference for me in the last 8 weeks.

Since October when I weighed in at my highest weight even (306.2) a short 10 weeks later I'm down 20lbs and setting myself up for real success.

This is the best gift that I have ever given to myself. I can't wait for 2011!


Kelly said...

20 pounds in 8 weeks in awesome! You should be very proud of that. Congratulations on reaching a new low.

Vegan Chick Pea said...

You are kicking butt! That's nothing short of awesome! :) You should be 100% proud of yourself for all your work! :)

Katie J said...

That is awesome Tamzin! I am so happy for you - you are really rockin it these days.

Tamzin said...

oops! its 10 weeks... not 8. But still... damn proud!

spunkysuzi said...


Stephanie said...

You're doing amazing! Congrats on the loss, especially over the holiday, what a great accomplishment :)

Princess Dieter said...

Interesting graph. A smooth initial decline, then a rocky year. BUT...the important thing is YOU DID NOT GIVE UP and so the ups ended eventually as downs. As long as we GET THERE and DO NOT GIVE UP, even backward steps can't overcome us, right?

Great job for a great loss in a temptation-laden week. Let's kill it in 2011!!!! KILL THE FAT!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Well if this doesn't jump start your motivation and send you into 2011 with all sorts of enthusiasm I don't know what will.

So, after this I am expecting a loss next week too. No more ups. Down is the way to go. You clearly know how to get there.

Rock on Tam!

Mrs. D said...

Hardcore!!! That's such an awesome loss, especially this week!! It's inspiring how many people lost huge amounts the week of Christmas!

And I'm coming to dinner at YOUR house after seeing the picture post, LOL!

Lori said...

Great job! You are doing amazing!

Tammy said...

Tamzin, congratulations on the loss this week. That in itself is a great accomplishment this time of year. My weight loss graph this year looks very similar. 2011 will be a great year for us both. Best wishes for continued success.