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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brand New Year!!!

....just out of the box...all shiny and pretty!!

I just finished the last of my long blissful days off. I had my Mother in town visiting from the great white north. First time down here since I moved about a year and a bit ago. We went out for many a dinner did lots of walking around and really enjoyed the time. It was a great second holiday for me after the time off at Christmas.

I missed my Monday weight in – well not really. I weighed in – I just missed the posting of it. Which I will do now. However, in my defense I was out enjoying the sunshine walking in the park on Monday and a well deserved break from the internet!

January 3, 2011 - Weigh in: 286.4lbs

That is up .6lbs from last week.

The trend that I have had of the “UP-DOWN” has been getting smaller and smaller. Which pleases me a lot. I’m going to work on constant and continued losses from here out.

This week is the conclusion to my involvement in Allan’s Challenges. I am not moving into phase 4 as the 1200 calorie diet is not for me. However, what I have done and learned through his previous 3 challenges have actually changed my life. I am now thirsty for water. I am constantly thinking about the better options for food. I have reduced my snacking, I count my calories and I’m focusing on GOOD for me food. I’m not on the 1800 calories is 1800 calories even if its 1800 of twinkies a day.

I am happily surprised to make the top 10 of Allan’s weight loss peeps. It is a big achievement for me. I keep forgetting HOW HARD I have struggled to lose 14lbs before. Read here... YEARS of struggle. This time it came off with really just simple planning and maintenance of said plans. Here is my awesome-sauce of a button!

I’m looking forward to this year. Today I am at the office in my smaller pants, this morning I expected to struggle to get them done up. It wasn’t. They just slid right on and buttoned up – no fighting. I can even feel that my dress shoes are fitting better. My feet are less swollen and my circulation is better. I’ve added in more walking and this summer I’m looking forward to my Highland games competitions. I am going to enjoy shorts and tank tops. I'm going to look and feel better. Its very exciting to KNOW for sure that these things will happen.

I have yet to make any goals – other than the penultimate 190lbs goal. I have some special dates that are arriving this summer, so I need to get on top of that – the goal making that is. I’ve been flying a little too free this last couple of week with my food tracking and food planning. This week I’m getting back on top of it.

I for 2011 my main thought is this. I am my own worst enemy. This was clear over these three challenges. I fight, kick, whine, cheat and bargain. However, KNOWING is half the battle. So that is my goal for 2011. Make peace with myself and get me on track with what is good for me.

Right, regularly schedule posting is resuming now! I am SO excited for the rest of 2011 and all the blogs and people that I perv on. This is going to be a great year for Fighting Fat!


Allan said...

Huh ? Did I miss the email ?

als said...

W00T! Congrats on being in Allan's top 10! This WILL be a great year for fighting fat - I feel it, too! :D

mensa said...

You sound like you're pretty set in your ways and doing well. Someone I need to follow. I've given you a "Scrap" Award if you're interested. Come on over to get it at www.menewin2009.blogspot.com


Tena said...

How great that your mom could come for a visit. A day in the sunshine is worth, well, a lot!

It is pretty obvious how much you've changed - you even "sound" healthier!

Happy 2011! The year we get it done!!

Kimberly said...

Why are you not doing Phase 4? 1200 calories isn't for you? Um, girl, you can DO 1200 calories. I know you can. If you pick the right foods then 1200 calories is a lot of satisfying hunger busting foods.

Twix said...

You've been doing so well here recently. Keep it up! ;-) Don't back down.

Kelly said...

Congrats on Allan's award. That is no small achievement!

1200 calories isn't as bad as I thought. You can really have a lot of food if you choose wisely. Get the most bang for your calorie buck. Lean protein and tons of fruits and veggies.