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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Fatty

I got up this morning and stepped on the scale - down ...errmm...about a pound??

I have this totally old beat up dial scale that you have to crouch down to read. This is not accurate. I did my measurements and decided that for better or worse, I was going to get a digital scale on the way home tonight and start there.

So.. yeah.

The Bad. The new scale says I weight 279.8. ARG! but I'm going to go with a 1lbs loss, that means that I was actually starting at 281 (for rounding sake). So, I will amend the blog to start at 281 go from there.

The Good. Inches are down!!! which is really the more important things anyway. Down from 336.2" to 333.4". DOWN 2.8 inches... and that with an increase of half an inch on my arms! :)
Neck -16.2, Bust - 48.5, Ribcage - 42.8, Waist - 50, Hips -
52.6, Thigh (L) - 28.2, Thigh (R) - 27.1, Calf (L) - 18.9, Calf (R) - 18.2, Bicep (L) - 15.6, Bicep (R) - 15.3
Dec 1, 2008 Total Inches: 333.4

So I'm not going to cry too hard about the increase in starting weight. I'm going to enjoy the fact that I lost a total of one whole inch off my waist.

So there you have it. My first weight/measure of the year. Now, next goal is lose 3.57lbs by December 15th.

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Anonymous said...

I know it's hard to look at all the facts and information on the first day. But it will serve as a great bench mark for when you start to see the changes in your body and in your life. Jot down a few notes about how you feel - life - work - self - love - future - etc and then in a month or two go back and look at it. You will be amazed at how much everything will have changed.

Don't fret too much about where you are now - it's almost in the past because this is the last time you are ever going to look like this!!!

These are pictures of the old you. Each time you take a new picture you will see more and more of the new you shining through.

Keep on Keeping on.