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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Waste Not (and lots of linky love)

hectic day at the office. I had a lunch shopping date with a friend, I ate my morning food before, so we could get some last minute xmas gift buying out of the way and not have to stop and eat.

I got back, worked like a mad thing for an hour, and went to the office kitchen to get my chicken and veg lunch. The fridge...it was EMPTY! My heart sank, I had forgotten that today (last office day in session before the holidays) the fridge gets cleared out. What a shame. So I thought I'll eat my oatmeal and get my berries out of the freezer.... NOPE!

My raspberries - in tupperware - had been chucked out too. WHO DOES THAT?? *super pout* Come-on, frozen raspberries?? So I had nude oatmeal for my afternoon meal and then my apple on the way home.

However, in the wake of that, I just finished reading a very poignant post by FabKate. Its a good reminder that today I came home to a fridge full of foods that I wanted, picked and that are all good for me. Not everyone, even is our circle of blogging comrades, has that luxury. I want to thank her for the excellent reminder to not take what I have for granted. Thank you.

I also stopped in at Jen with Prior Fat Girl and she had a post up on a topic that I had been thinking on, especially with the holiday season at the office and all the free food. Whenever our company has a lunch meeting the leftovers are put out. In the last year, I would more often then not, take an extra half a sandwich (or whole) and a couple cookies... you know... can't "let it go to waste". But in that year look what its done to me!!

Nothing is free! In fact - on Monday someone left a package of cookies out with a note on it "Free Calories". I grabbed a pen and wrote next to it "Nothing is Free". Hahaha! Made me giggle, also made me not take one.

Anyway - I've been home, perved some blogs, made a few "ellos" on posts and now its time to make some dinner. Whole Wheat pasta, with chicken and ... not too sure what else I can whip up. Time to go have a look.

Edit:: Dinner piccie. WW pasta with 1/2 red onion, 1/2 roma tomato, 1 chickenbreast, handful of snap peas, 4 scallions abd a clove of garlic. Sauted in a pan with some Pam. Yum!

Tonight I'm packing and tomorrow morning... the flight leaves at 7am sharp... thats a 6am airport call. Ouch! Time to get on it.

Anyway - I also wanted to say Hi to all the new people tuning in here. I've made linky love to them!! And I'll updating my blogroll to include you all for my blog perving pleasure! Thank you!


Katschi said...

Let me get this straight...they threw out your FOOD?!!! Oooooh it wouldn't have been pretty around there if that'd happened to me :(
Did everyone survive?

Damn, dinner looks yum-meee!

Have a great, fun, happy, safe & wonderful Holiday!

MizFit said...

peeking in on you New Blogging Friend and wishing you a happy happy holiday!

Losing Waist! said...

Yeah. At my last job I used to clean up (with my mouth) leftovers from various events. As I am not working now, it is not a current challenge but to hear about your success with it... wow. Great job with it!

Looking forward to reading more from you!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog.. thank you.

Tamzin said...

you are most welcome!