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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slow start

its a slow start after my weigh in yesterday. I ended up staying home sick today - tired, listless and ill. I did a little walk, but didn't lift weights. I also ate pretty well, but firstly - not enough and secondly - no where near enough water. Have to change that.

I'm intimidated by my goal of losing 7.5lbs in 14days! But I'm not going to change it. I'm going to change my eating habits and see if there is a way that I CAN do this. ((Edit - laying in bed last night I realized my math is waaaay off! yay. I need to lose 7.5lbs a month to meet my -15lb goal on February 1st. Now that... That I can do for SURE!! I need to lose 3.75lbs by the 15th))

First off, with more water and less calorie laden drinks and then by eating good, nutritious healthy foods and getting moving. Its certainly not impossible providing that I don't fall into the old trap of cheating with sweets.

I've been thinking about the "consumption amnesia" that I seem to have. Its so easy for me to think only of all the things that I didn't have instead of all the things that I did have that I shouldn't, with that evil "its just a little/one bite/not going to matter" statement. At the end of the day I "forget" about that small square of brownie, the 2 cans of coke, the....*insert whatever treat there was around that day*.

I've been keeping a food diary in the week, but I think that I need to start for the weekends as well. Something to keep myself on track more. Also I've been trying to follow a low glycemic index food guide. I need to start planning my food and eating it before I get "starved". This works a lot better for me.

For now, its water and food time... and time to get planning.

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Anonymous said...

:) you'll do well. You've got great legs, a tight but, and most of your weight is around your middle. Although that's bad for health, it's better for losing!

Weekends are toughest if you're home... that's when keeping a food diary REALLY pays off.

Looks like you're getting things together! You're off to a good start!