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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Land of Nod


I got home tonight, stripped down, laid in bed and pulled the covers up. About 10min in I rolled over and thought, "I'll get up in about........ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

I decided after work tonight that I was totally exhausted and that I needed to recover. Today was day four of working 9.5 -10hour days without a break, no lunch break - except for what I could scarf down at my desk while I worked. Anyway, its taken it toll and today I had to put some energy back in the tank.

I have some rice with chicken and curry sauce in the nuker right now. Drank most nut juice (don't tell Mr.K! haha) ....errr, I mean almond milk, straight from the container and I'm getting ready to eat because...I'm HUNGRY!

Eating at the office was a 6/10 I think. I did NOT have a good solid breakfast, and I know that this typically catches up with me in the afternoons. I did pretty well, but I did snack on the xmas treats that are all around. A lot less then I would have in other years, but I should have eaten the better alternatives around first.

Tomorrow, I will do better then I did today. Time to have a quick snoop through others peoples daily postings and then back to bed.

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