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Sunday, December 21, 2008

late night quickie!

ha! not that kind that I would really like to be having right now! teehee

This is a very interesting article written by a behavioral economist. He begins with discussing behaviors found around risk taking with finances and bidding on ebay - but it turns into an interesting take on food/healthy behaviors that are common with most people.

"To improve ourselves, we have to act like each M & M matters. Like each decision has important consequences."

I like it.

...bed time!!

1 comment:

Katschi said...

Good article, Tamzin.
I'm recommitting myself to strictness for the next 6 weeks while I'm off work. I think it builds character and I'm very curious to see if that kind of dedication pays off in big weight loss results.
Would you like to do this challenge with me? TOTAL commitment with NO EXCUSES accepted!!!
The Boy is able to do this when he's in training mode. I so admire this strength of mind and would like to develop it in myself.