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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gauntlet has been thrown down

Katschi has challenged me to a six week long eating clean challenge. In a serendipitous moment...this is what I bought for myself for Christmas while out shopping yesterday.

I had been thinking about getting some more ideas about what to eat and I just happened to see this little gem.

Not only did it contain the inspiration for the ground turkey that I have in my freezer for my dinner tonight (ground turkey/chickpea burgers) it has some amazing foods in here! I was surprised. Its my reading after I'm done posting this and then I'm making a list and heading to the grocery store for supplies.

I will admit, I turned on the computer this morning and found the comment from Kastchi asking if I wanted to join her on a six week eating clean journey. My pulse raced, my palms got sweaty. I was scared.... what if I can't do it, what will I do over Christmas at my Mums, how will I feel if I fail or cheat... I don't have the time, I can't manage to get all that food cooked, what if ....what if.... what if...

I have accepted the challenge. As I made my breakfast I decided that this is really a great thing for me. When I make up my mind to eat better and not cheat, I do. But I certainly don't tell myself "No" enough. The scale doesn't lie. I'm 2-1 with the weigh-ins now and I'm afraid tomorrow the scales are going to even the score to 2-2. For all my BS blogging about what I want and how I want to lose weight, I'm doing a pretty shabby job of it.

I started blogging and the entitled attitude has slowly but continuously crept back in. I'm being "good", I should get some jellybeans/ice cream/chocolate/have a Burger and fries for lunch ad nausium.

I admit that I don't think that I'm going to be able to manage to eat clean for 6 weeks with the Christmas holidays squashed in there (EXCUSE ALERT). HOWEVER.....This is what I will promise:

That I'm going to give this 100% effort, and see if there is some way that I CAN manage and then enjoy each little victory. I'm bringing dessert to Christmas dinner, I'm in charge of what goes in my mouth, and I am going to try as hard as possible to eat what is good for my body and not what my mind tells me that I need.


Katschi said...

I WILL give you a pass for Christmas Day & New Year's Eve :)

Those small indulgences are what keeps us held back, I think.

spunkysuzi said...

Yes i read katschi's challenge and i was thinking i don't know whether i can do this!! But i'm willing to give it 100% of me :) I know there a couple of glasses of wine coming up this week but other than that i'm on it :)

Bunny Trails said...

Hey - count me in on the challenge as well. I've been whole foods/eating clean since September and it is amazing. We can do this :) :)

Tamzin said...

Wooot! Now I have two more people to check up on for inspiration!

:) Added both to my list to perv on everynight!!


Bunny Trails said...

Perv away :) Hey - pre food prep is the SAVIOR on this plan. Make sure you have most of your prep work done for the week and you'll sail by!

We are so gonna nail this!