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Saturday, December 13, 2008

lazy weekend

Well..the weather outside is frightful. Very cold, snowy, blowing wind, and just plain ugly. I'm not loving it. I don't even want to go out there. So this weekend is going to be an inside affair. I've rented movies and I'm going to try and eat good food, drink mint tea and rest.

If I get cabin fever tomorrow I'll see if its nice enough to go out and get some walking in - if not, I'll throw on the Jillian Michael's 30day shred DVD and do some sweating in the living room.

I'm about to put sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and chicken into the oven to slowly roast while I read a book.

EDIT:: Went for salmon not chicken. Its faster to thaw and faster to cook. Plus I hadn't had any fish in a while.

1 comment:

Katschi said...

gees, sounds like a great day, Tamzin.
It's really cold here too. I never poked my nose outside today.