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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mini Win!

Long day yesterday... good report though.

VICTORY! For all the trying and pressure of my co-workers I did not cave and eat any more junk on Friday at the office,.....even though someone brought in donuts, and someone else came and ate one right in front of me. Then several other people actually pelted me with Hersey's kisses, and another person put some more cookies on my mousepad....but I tossed them all in the garbage. Take that people!

I have to say though, it was a very strange day for that kind of thing. It's very uncomfortable for me to constantly have to explain why I'm not eating the candy...I kinda thought that it would be clearly obvious that I am a very overweight lady, sat at my desk, with her gut pooched out for all to visibly identify.

WHY....do you want to harass ME of all the people there about NOT eating junk.


Last night I did get a mini bag of Salt&Vinegar chips that evening with my dinner (I was too lazy to cook) roasted chicken subway sammich eaten while watching movies on the couch and a little bag of jellybelly jelly beans. Not that I needed them, but I did eat them anyway. :(

I'm pretending like it nice outside and trying to find my winter motivation. Its nowhere to be found.

Other then that, I'm not going to be able to get to the gym this weekend. But I'm trying to eat well and get some more rest. My week of working overtime has caught up with me, and I'm in a bad way with an old injury, in 2005 I fractured my neck, I was certainly one lucky monkey to get out of that with no real lasting or permanent injury. But, it does have occasional flare ups... such as now, mostly when I spend too many hours at the office hunched over my keyboard as I was this week, combined with the poor exercise regime - I'm missing my evening walks home a lot. Anyway, I can't exercise my way through this one, its rest that is required, and I have a physio appointment on Monday to help sort me out.

I have a friends b-day to go to this evening. She is pretty health conscious though, so its chili and veggies, shouldn't be too much in the way of garbage to eat. I'm going to bring my pumpkin custard!! :)

okay - I'll have to do some blog surfing later today. Now I have to get my butt out there and do the last of my Christmas shopping.

Happy weekend all!!!


Katschi said...

Hey Babeee!
What is it with people anyway...NO is not that hard of a word to understand, is it? I think people like to test our resolve. Maybe they're also a wee bit jealous that they can't resist the junk themselves.
Do they dump their drinks on the alcoholics, too? lol
Sorry about your neck flaring up...ouch.
Hope you have a great time at your friend's b-day party!

Katschi said...

Thank You for the well wishes!

Tena said...

I'm with you about the food pushers. Why do they feel it's their place to temp us? I also hate it when they say "sorry, I know you can't have any."

So sorry about your pain in the neck. I know, but I couldn't help myself! :)Pain anywhere is no fun, but in the neck is sooooo not funny!

Anyway, glad your hanging in!

Tamzin said...

Thanks ladies, really its wierd. Why would you encourage someone who is trying to change, to fail.

In my new eating clean mag there is also an article about how to say No to people withouth making them feel like they are the "bad one". Interesting stuff. Sadly, I had the same issues with family - they want me to be thin and healthy, yet when I tell them I don't want to have treats around they poo-poo me and tell me that "one won't hurt".

This should be an interesting christmas!