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Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Epic Walk

Today was a good start - I had a much better breakfast first off, although I got a 1/2 sweet mocha with skim milk (and a tiny bit of whip cream) for my Friday treat coffee, the rest of the day was great.

Lunch - Cobb salad with 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing and water (yay! no pop!)
Snacks included oatmeal, orange and an apple.
And I drank more water today - victory!

I ordered some things from a friend with a little home based business, and they arrived today, so I decided that I would walk there post-work and walk home for my daily exercise. Typically I would have drove, errr, rather it wouldn't have ever been a remotely possibility for me to walk there, but this time I decided that I would. I decided that if it was too far, I could stop on the way back and get the bus (made sure I had change before I set out).

Hill was tough but gradual, coming back I started getting tired. It was one of those oddities though, by the time I got into range of a bus for home, I was so close to home that it seemed a waste of money. The only major minus was I needed to pee really bad. I should have stopped in a coffee house, but I was too afraid of staying and eating.

Regardless, I slogged it all the way (the last 30minutes were hard) and walked 9.44km (5.86miles). I'm bloody exhausted and my body is aching! but I'm elated. I'm eating my Garden leek&potato soup and my low fat swiss cheese sandwich with dill pickles and loving it. :)

I spent most of the walk obsessing about food, however in the end I came home without stopping and although I hate it, I doubt that this total mind f*ck about food isn't going to go away anytime soon. So I best get used to it and get tough! I've been reading some blogs with some very excellent posts regarding now their body has changed but the mind stays the same. I'm sure to summarize on this and my experiences soon.

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MizFit said...


my life calls in the form of my toddler waving playdough at me so this needs to be short BUT you are right.

it will be tough for a while and, for me, it's still a daily choice (poptart versus oatmeal kind of thing :)) but you will grow to LOVE how you feel after making the healthy choices...how energetic you are and not mind as much as time goes on.