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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home again home again

Another long day at the office, except today I was looking forward to my gym session after the day was done. A change of mindset and dealing with motivation issues positively- which I've been reading about lots on many people blogs recently. Must be the winter, its hard to get going when its miserable and dark outside.

I went down the stairs after work (yay! its so bloody easy now!!)
468 steps done!
60min on the elliptical - 7.4km(4.5miles) - and I worked hard today (see penance for cookie comment below).

I feel good tired right now, that kind of tired where I know that I'm going to sleep really well tonight. Work was very stressful and incredibly busy. It was 'hair-straight-back' all day running from one crisis to another without stopping.

I had a coffee and my breakfast at 9am and I didn't stop to get anything else until I had a pot of Healthy Choices Couscous soup, a handful of Goldfish, and a small tin of tuna...then...see cookie comment below.... *sheepish grin*

Dinner was 2 wraps with 3 slices of deli chicken breast meat, 3 oz of Swiss cheese, lots of mustard (my favorite) split between them, 1 cup of garden mushroom soup, 6 rye crackers, 1 cup baby carrots, 1 heaping tbsp hummus, 1/3 cup pumpkin custard (soooo yummy!), water and a kashi 7 grain and almond granola bar.

I had a bad day with the treats in the office. A managing potential outcomes issue. I had decided that I would eat cookies after lunch - assuming that cookies would be gone... but then when they weren't....I ate some. I ended up eating 2 cookies after my lunch - the work people let me down, must be less people in the office for the holidays, Damn them! Then I had another one at 4.30 tonight. :( ug. So I made myself work extra hard at the gym. Ate my apple on the way home and now I'm stuffed full of good foods. And I'm going to lift HARD tomorrow night.

I'm going to make a cuppa shortly and read my new book while I wait on Mr.K to get home from quiz night, which should be shortly.


Sabs said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I just discovered your blog and want to wish you good luck on your weightloss journey!

MizFit said...

its a new day woman!

the perfect day to be at the office and say nononothankyou!

you can do it.