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Sunday, December 28, 2008

and a bowl full of jelly

I don't know if clean eating includes NyQuil, but I hope to hell it does since that's what I've been living on for the last five days.

I'm guilty *Holds hand up* yes, me. Guilty of not making better plans to eat better, guilty of thinking that I could "manage okay" without setting limits, guilty of not bothering to care enough to do better over the holidays.

I did some good things. This is the first Christmas that:
- I ate good snacks before heading out to visit family/friends
- I did NOT have seconds after I finished what was on my plate.
- I ate a good breakfast every morning
- I only had milk and not cream in my coffee

Other then that, I kept some of my better eating plan in mind, but in my hurry to: leave, pack, get gifts, wrap everything, I failed to plan for me. Which is really the heart of the matter in my main struggles here. I seem to be putting the very thing that is going to help me the most to the very end of the list of things that "need" to get done.

So for Christmas, I gave myself a gift. The gift is that I will put myself and my weight goals first in my life.

Regardless of my lack of inspiring success, I've had a quick peek around on here and there are plenty of people that have been amazing over the holidays and I thank you all for continuing to post and keep us all honest! :D


Holy bloggers batman!!! 22 followers!! WHOOOOOHOOO *WAVES TO ALL* Hi and welcome and I really thank you all for tagging on and giving me another great reason to stay honest and post lots!

Okay, that's all I have in me tonight, was another day of crazy winter traveling. Back to work tomorrow and some more perving on blogs while I'm one of the only people in the office (skeleton crew of staff required this week = time to spend on blogs while nothing is going on).


Tena said...

Sorry you've been sick. I've been sick this last week, too. I blame the sugar!

Good for you on making some changes. In time, I believe healthy choices will become good habits!

j & j dish it out said...

You crack me up! I can't wait to follow your journey...I'm on one myself....start tomorrow.

My crazy crazy life said...

I left a comment from my food blog...but I meant to leave a comment from my family blog...that's the one where I will be writing down my rants from my diet...HA! I will try to also list my recipes on my food blog, I share that with another gal and she has alot of fattening things. So Jaime and Dish comment is actually from My crazy crazy life...uhhh, sounds like to much info.

Katschi said...

Sorry you've had to suck back the Nyquil! Hope you're feeling better soon.
I agree with Tena...changes will become habits.
I agree with J&J...you crack me up, too :)
A joyful perving day to you....

Stages of Change said...

Nice blog, congrats on the Christmas successes! Here's to many more in the New Year!

Linda said...

Making us and our weight loss a top priority is the only way we'll succeed! I've changed my whole schedule and routine around so that I CAN make it a priority. I have to or I'll gain it all back like I did before.

Hope you feel better!!!

Happy Weight Loss,

Linda ;)

Follow me on my journey at:

spunkysuzi said...

I don't know about nyquil but i'm living off of cough syrup and sf ricola these days :)