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Friday, December 19, 2008

Into the belly of the beast

This is ridiculous.... its not even 10am and I've already eaten 2 chocolate kisses and no breakfast.

That's it!

Friday, December 19th - I am not going to treat my body like a garbage can.

Today. NO MORE COOKIES. NO MORE CHOCOLATE. NO POP. NO CRACKERS. If anyone offers me any, I'll take it and when they aren't looking and either throw it out, or give it to someone else.

Done. The words are posted. If I don't do what I said, then I'll have to admit defeat later... and I don't want to do that.


Anonymous said...

I am guilty of the same crime!! I love cookies first thing in the morning! Blah!!!! It is defnitely time for a change. But I say moderation works best for me. I can't totally eliminate my favorites, because that will just lead to a craze filled binge!! But I can limit the amount I eat. Does that make sense??

Tamzin said...

EEEK!! Shanna!!! You totally freaked me out. I thought that I did say that "today" I would have no more treats. Phew, just today. I'm not that strong, and its pretty unlikley that I will live the rest of my life treatless. hahaha

I so know what you mean about the total elimination. Moderation is the way to go.

If I say "no more ice cream ever", I might as well resign myself to being arested after taking a swim in a vat of Ben&Jerry's. haha!

However, for today, after eating 2 chocolates already, I've had enough, I might want more, but there is no need for me to have more. TODAY!

hahah not ever.

Anonymous said...

LOL... thats much better! What was I thinking?!?! =P
I stand corrected!

skinnyfitkate said...

I always allow myself 2 chocs at the end of the day then I'm not deprived I'm saving my sweet tooth for later. Make sense? I couldn't have them in the morning cos then I would want them all day!!! But I want to be slim more now!

Katschi said...

Thanks for the well wishes!!!
Well, how did the rest of the day go? Did you manage to avoid the temptations?