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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Walk

Today I didnt get as far on my walking as I wanted.
4.1km (2.6miles)done.

But it was at a leisurly pace with friends and baby. I've generally eaten okay, but I'm in the mood for something "bad" for dinner. Happily I used to be already dialing the pizza place at this point, but I'm not in the mood for greasy pizza. I have to say that I'm a litle sore from my workouts this week, but nothing too carzy, so I guess I could be working harder. My last walk on Friday I felt, ans still am, in my hips and calves.

I picked up food for lunches and dinners, more hummus, veggies and lots of fruits; green apples, mandarin oranges, bananas, and kiwis. I have some cottage cheese and Activia yogurts with the fibre/grains - they are soooo good.

I've spent this week setting some goals and getting settled into my new weight lose lifestyle. I'm still plagued by all kinds of crazy food thoughts right now, but I'm hoping that they will pass as my new foods become more enjoyable then the fatty processed foods that I typically crave.

Final Goals weight: 195
First weight loss goal: -15lbs by Feb 1st, 2009
Fitness goals: weights x3 week, long walks x3 week and 1 rest day.

Monday is my first weigh-in/measurements and round 2 of photo's. Not sure if I'm going to bother posting every pic I take, but just in case I want to see for myself, I'm going to take bi-weekly photos. Might make for an exciting slide show at some point. I'm excited and nervous!

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