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Monday, December 29, 2008

Burn Baby Burn!

Back on track - I will have my official weigh-in and measurements tonight - but I'm down a little. YAY! Just so you know. 278.5lbs today!

And….. TMI alert - I also did not have my normal morning "routine" pre weigh-in, or as my brother says, "it's still in the shaping room". I don't know what an average turd weighs in at, but I'm not going to bother to find out and I'm just going to be happy that even with my extra load I was still down from last week.

I spent a lot of time on the parental sofa this last five days chugging tea with lemon & honey, drinking Nyquil from the bottle and applying carmex to my chapped nose holes. But I did get to do some thinking.

First of all, I have been thinking about how I think about the term "losing" weight. Although this is really just semantics, I'm going to stop thinking about how much weight/fat I've lost and start thinking about how much fat I've burned off.

Lost implies that I've "misplaced" this fat and will be looking for it pdq, and I want to try to think of it in different terms. This fat didn't just fall out of my purse at the bus stop, my body has consumed it into nothingness. That’s a good feeling to know that the body has eliminated it and not just set it down somewhere to be picked up again.

Other then that, I'm too sick to do anything physical, but I will be doing my stairs down to street level after work today. I also told myself that if I wanted to have a "special coffee" today (skim milk latte) that I would have to take the stairs down there as well so I might get 2 sets in today.

...Actually, after I'm done this post I am off down the stairs and I will get my skim milk latte and feel special without the cream and get in an extra workout today. HA!

Bfast: tea (black), flax oatmeal package, kashi 7grain bar, 1/2c Apple Cinnamon Stars (Gerber baby food…don't judge they are tasty little buggers), (getting now) skim milk latte
Lunch: 1 cup Golden Autumn Carrot soup, 3 WASA hearty rye crackers, 1 cup bean salad
Snack 1: 2 cups chopped fruit (apple, honeydew & watermelon, grapes)

I'm in trouble for snacks today - I left the house in a hurry and forgot to get any yogurt or tuna. I'll have to get creative here. I'm also all out of fruits at the house, must rectify that this evening.

okay - I'm off to get my coffee, go down my 468 stairs!


Katschi said...

Your posts always make me giggle :)
***TMI ~~ 1 lb sometimes!!!***
Skim milk latte ~ from where? sounds like a tasty treat...it must be good if you're willing to tramp down all those freakin' stairs!
I hope you're feeling better SOON!

Tamzin said...

I love coffee!!! From my local building "Second Cup" where I am known by name! haha

I have returned with coffee, slightly sweaty, and I can feel a mild hotness in my quads!

Snack issues have been solved - fresh fruit cup and chickpea/kidney bean salad!! all A-OK for the clean eating program. :)

Linda said...

I like that way of thinking!

Manuela said...

Just how much can a turd weigh? Ha, that was funny!

I like the reply to my post and good for you for being down even without the "routine".

Keep at it and I'll be back for the new year countdown ;)