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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Need a little inspiration to get the day started?

I did... I was already plotting how to work in a full-fat muffin to my eating clean challenge when last I clicked over to Becky's site.

yeah... that rocked.

Toady's Goal - besides carry on with the drinking more water - today's goal is really a "tonight goal".

Tonight I am going over to spend NYE with some friends and they are the sort that really like to lay on a big spread. I used to look forward to it, but now...I'm dreading it. So tonight I'm going to eat a BIG dinner and go prepared.

Tonight I'm allowed to have:
2 small helpings of a dessert;
4 pieces of finger food (spanicopita, meatballs etc.);
2T of dip or dressing (with as many veggies as I want); and
1 glass of champers


spunkysuzi said...

You just inspired me!!

Dani said...

I so was going to link to that as well! Phenomenal I agree!! :o) Sometimes we all need the slap up side the head that says, "YOU CAN, SO WHY DON'T YOU???" :o)

Tamzin said...

It totally resonated with me today. Link away Dani!! The more people that see it the better.


Tamzin said...

ps...I have gas today!