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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday - Walk

Today was a bad morning for eating, I had a banana at 8 and never even filled my water bottle (which I do every morning first thing), so no water until after 10.30am. Terrible. I caved and got a blueberry bran muffin with my morning coffee... as if the bran makes it better, which was my rational. Regardless, the issue is that waiting that long to eat is really counter productive for losing weight. I have to do better.

Lunch - Vietnamese Pho - and no coke!

For my fitness today I walked 5.77km(3.59miles). Was good and got in my hill as well.

Dinner is veggies & hummus, chicken curry that I made, wild/brown/jasmin rice mix, 1/2 chicken breast, and mixed peas & carrots covered with awesome curry sauce from South Africa that I can not recommend highly enough. First of all it comes in pouches so easy! and although the package says 4 servings I divided it into 6 and its still very nice and enough for the rice and veggies.

1/6 pouch:
Calories - 73
Fat - 2.6
Carbs - 13.3
Protein - .67
Fibre - 1.3

Anyway - as I was typing this out I was eating it and now, I'm stuffed! Sadly, this is still such a "good feeling" to me, I do have to note that this amount wouldn't have satisfied me a few months ago, so chalk up another win today. I'm trying to eat lots of fibre filled foods so that I feel full longer and, coincidentally, most of those foods are pretty good for me.

Today certainly wasn't all rainbows and ponies. I spent most of my day/walk thinking about food; what I would eat, how much could I have, what else was in the house, perhaps I should get pizza...I didn't on the weekend so clearly I should have some.

Sometimes getting home is a gauntlet of food shops, if I can just not stop on the way, I'm less likely to go back out and get the bad stuff. It works most of the time. I make deals with myself constantly, "once you get home if you really want something you can go and get it - but you have to walk". Which eliminates that car ride to the fast food drive in and ups the embarassment factor of going to a shop to buy only junk food.

Off to surf through the bloglist now and see whats on the minds of others. Better get some water first.

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Katschi said...

It's all a learning process isn't it? As long as we keep ourselves focused on our goal & stay determined we can get over the bumps in the day.
I, myself, can't eat so many carbs...they stick to my bum :)
I do better with high protein & find I don't crave the junk when I do eat this way.
BTW....rainbows & ponies = sunshine & lollipops!