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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Asparagus - Nature's reminder that you are what you eat!

No cookies today! Happily the other office carbo-addicts ate them all before I could even get a good look at one to decide if I wanted to cheat or not! ha!

Work has been infiltrated by drama llamas and I'm hating it. Ug. But, I had a good day for eating, too much coffee and not enough water, but I'm getting there.

Post work.... I did the stairs (thanks Katschi!! I'm loving this challenge!)... 25 floors down. Needless to say, I was slightly damp when I exited out into the main floor. It was good though, and completed the night with a 7.2km (4.44m) walk. The evening was really nice and I had a great time. My legs were stiff this morning from weights yesterday, but after the excellent warm up, my walk was great.

I stopped for groceries on the way home and stocked up on fruit and veg as well as some more eggs/egg whites, and Swiss cheese.... I'm feeling an omelet phase coming on! :) And viola, we have what I had for dinner.

1 halved blanched green pepper, filled and then baked with 1 slice deli chicken breast, red onion, spinach 2 eggs and 1/4 cup egg whites and 3 oz feta cheese on top. Some asparagus spears and a couple of mini pitas (no evil butter). I ended up putting it in the nuker for a minute at the end to get the middle cooked - I was following a recipe from memory, so I think I got the oven settings wrong. I'm going to have to find it again and do it right.

That's all from me. I had a busy night, a friend dropped in for a late cuppa tea, the hubby is at quiz night and I did a little cleaning while cooking. Its not left a lot of time for me to check up on all of my blogroll....

But I am now!! i r on da netz, readin ur postz!


MizFit said...

never eaten it.

my dad adores it and, while I associate it with my love of him, I cant get past the taste.

YET :)

Katschi said...

Asparagus makes itself known pretty quickly when you hit the john!