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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 (David Letterman Style)

I was tagged at Getting Healthy and given the task of listing off my top 10 reasons to burn off 10(or more) pounds. I had been reading them as they went through the circle of blogs I frequent, and thinking that I should do it, so thank you for the push. Nothing wrong with a little nudge into some introspection.

My Top Ten (in no particular order):
  1. Buy clothes off the rack from any store;
  2. Fit into an airplane seat without encroaching on the person sat next to me;
  3. Get fitter, stronger, healthier;
  4. I told my husband that I wouldn't get pregnant at this weight, I want to be fit and healthy and strong to carry a baby (see associated reasons #3, #5, #6, #8). I want to enjoy the experience and not lay around eating junk because "I'm hormonal" complaining about my fat ankles, swollen feet and a sore back…although I'm sure that all of those will happen… but I want to try and mitigate them as much as possible;
  5. So that I can participate in regular activities without worrying about how out of breath I'll be/sweaty I'll get;
  6. Better sex (I stole that one from someone else… don't get me wrong the sex is great - but I still have issues with how I look neked in the belly area!! );
  7. Enjoy looking at and having pictures taken of myself;
  8. To learn to eat and enjoy food (good and bad) without the crazy binges - so that any children we might have don't end up with my monstrous food issues;
  9. Hair cuts…I hate going for haircuts right now - squeeze into the little chair while Ms.Skinnystylist pumps away at it like a freaken Sherpa trying to get the chair up to a reasonable height, and then get out the cape, desperately trying to get it to snap shut and thereby accentuating and adding to my chins and choking me. Then sitting there, in a room full of mirrors, while trying to not move my neck and pop open said cape, and be even more embarrassed. (hello, my name is Tamzin and I have issues with hair cuts); and
  10. So that I can cross the "I'm too fat/out of shape" excuse from my list of excuses.

well... most of these are pretty superficial, and I suppose that since the fat that I'm carrying around is superfluous then it shouldn't be a surprise. I occationally get concerned that most of my get "fit/burn fat" goals are really "get thin/beautiful" goals...but I can save that exploration for another day.

Anyway, I can think of 100 reasons why I don't want to be fat anymore, but these are the ones that are foremost in my mind at this point in time. I'm actually looking forward to reading this in a year and seeing how far I've come from this.

I'm also not going to tag anyone. Seems that this one has been getting around a lot, so I'll leave it as this. Unless someone WANTS to get tagged. Then just poke me and let me know and I'll amend this.


Karen (Katschi) said...

The sex thing is what really hangs me up :( I just can't get past this one. I keep comparing. I'm missing out on a lot of fun.

Skinny ass jeans...I really want skinny ass jeans...
And a space between my thighs because it's sexy and I don't have to throw out perfectly-good-everywhere-else pants because of chub rub wearing them out in the thighs.
Good health? ya whatever...

Tamzin said...


Totally with you on hte pants thing!


Losing Waist! said...

Ha! The haircut thing made me laugh out loud! So True! Haha! When the cover thingy goes on I always am embarrassed because the stylist has to almost choke me to get it on and suddenly I have a neck fat roll that I didn't have before... I haven't had my hair cut since April!

Becky said...

I agree with the haircut! I always seemed to find a triple chin I didn't know I had!

Big Girl said...

I just found your blog... good luck on your journey. I could relate to a lot of those things on your top 10.

Tena said...

The haircut image made me LOL! I hate getting in that chair, too. I feel like a giant floating head trying to make small talk. Hate it. Looking forward to getting my hair cut and leaving the salon looking like Cindy Crawford!!

MizFit said...

happy new year.
I look forward to cheering you on the next 365 days.


Sabs said...

Those are almost all on my life too! Good luck!

Kimberly said...

Your #9 is exactly what spurred me on to finally do something about this wall of fat that has smothered me for half of my life.

Being forced to sit in a chair with a cape digging into your neck while staring at yourself in a mirror for an hour is just pure torture at 370 pounds.