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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walking In the Rain

Today was my morning crafting get together at 9.30am. Very fun! And has inspired me to do some more crafting in the evenings.

I knew that I was going for lunch with one of the ladies to a tea house - so I had a very good breakfast of Oatmeal, Red Mill 10grain cereal, pears and a little bit of Peanut butter and honey. When we arrived for lunch, at 12.30.

Earl Grey Tea
Chicken and Pesto Paninni
small cup of Tomato basil soup
Blackberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

I'm really quite stuffed and I need a walk! Its raining... but I am taking the husband and we are going to put on jackets and hats and walk for at least 30min. I'm not a great fan of walking in the rain - but I'm also not a great fan of being a lardy ass anymore either.

So....as the saying goes: there are only two things that melt in rain... sugar and sh*t...which one are you?! haha

I also know that I want to be less generous with what my evening food is going to be.... speaking of. I need to get this into my calorie spreadsheet so I know exactly what I can have!

Right.... Morning weigh in... this was a tricky one. Because the first thing that I read was:

298.6!!! And as I was trying to do the math on the scale to see how much I gained.. I realized that it said:



I'm pretty excited for tomorrows weigh in. Now - to spend the rest of today doing things that are good for me and not sabotaging al the work that has been done this week.


Laryssa said...

You know, I'm sitting here reading blogs and your post reminded me: it's a great day outside, no clouds and temps in the upper 60s. I'm logging off right now and going for a walk with hubby.

Thanks for the reminder! :) Enjoy your walk!

Carly said...

Nice work on the loss! I like your saying about the rain....I am going to remember that when it comes time to run in the rain.

Lisa said...

I love paninis!! They are so good.

Congrats on the loss :)

LaurenD said...

awesome girl!! congrats on the loss :) :)