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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Done and Done!

I almost talked myself out of exercising today - but that little nagging voice that is hard to hear got through today.

1. I went right to the gym and got my first weights session of the week done. My lower back is sore from a run in with the garbage bag yesterday... I won, but there was a price! I did 3 sets of 10 reps of military press (15lb bells), bicep curls (15lbs) and leg press (195lbs).

and then

2. Stopped on the way home for a 30min power walk... Oh how I have missed you Shakira's She Wolf. Love that song. Dusted off the ipod and enjoyed some tunes.

Mr.Tamzin is out of town working, so I was on my own today... he should be back for dinner tomorrow. It was good to get out on my own and have some time to just walk and get lost in the sky/clouds and my own thoughts.

Dinner was good - Amy's Tomato Bisque (so good like squishing a ripe tomato right into your mouth...if you like that kind of thing that is!), and some low fat grilled cheese and pickles. My fav.

Small Efforts today:
1. ate all my breakfast - even the yogurt that wasn't stirred in!
2. ate a plum instead of a Larabar. Caloric savings of 200
3. used pam to grill my cheese sandwiches

Now..time to lay down, relax and do some reading... and watch TMZ


spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on getting out there!! I'm so proud of you

CJ said...

You are doing great! Keep the momentum on!

I lurve the song too! It just gets me up and pumping :D

Lisa said...

What a super day you had!! Great job :)

Katie said...

You are inspiring! Thanks, Tamzin!

Blubeari said...

yaaay for the nagging voice! :-D