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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday = Done

I am going to bed asap to read and relax.

Today I forgot my runners - so no gym. I'll get that done tomorrow.

Food was good. Obsessed over M&M's again. Ate strawberries instead. Great day for eating... bad day for moving...just can't get them both to click on the same schedule it seems... must.keep.trying....

Caved into the pop craving and had a diet Pepsi at dinner. Other than that... ate just under calories today. 8 servings of veggies today! Yum Yum!

Right. Off to bed now!


spunkysuzi said...

All in all looks like a good day!!

Blubeari said...

Congrats on passing on the M&Ms and 8 servings of veggies! Sounds like a success to me!

Lisa said...

I'm soo sorry I haven't been by lately to say hi. It's been a busy busy week.
Good for you for passing up the M&M's. I've been having wicked cravings myself this week, but so far I have managed to not give into my cravings.
Have a good week...your doing great!