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Monday, March 1, 2010

In like a Lion!

lets just hope its not out like a lamb!

I posted up my new goals for March. My focus was on flexibility for schedule changes and so that I don't punish myself if I can't do "exactly this at exactly that time". I just find another day place to fit it in so that I have a week.

I'm going to attempt to be smart about it and try to get in as much as I can in the early part of the week so that I don't have to do three workouts on Sunday! ha! I'm thinking that this will work better for me.

The plan - 5 workouts a week. 3 at the gym, 1 step class, 1 outside walk.

The gym sessions are short or long - I just have to get there and do something... I can do that! :) Walk outside one day a week - for my weekends this is a great one - I need more vitamin D and outside fresh air. Step one time a week is manageable. There are classes Mon,Tuesday, Thursday and Sat morning. I can make one of those times.

So there you go. All ready to get roaring into March.

Today: Gym 1 - Done!
10min Elliptical warm up
3 set 10x each arm Dumbbell Snatch (teehee snatch)
2 sets crunches ... (I tried to do three sets but I actually got an ab cramp. Proof that they are REALLY IN THERE...deep down in there... but there nevertheless.)

YAY Welcome March! I'm so happy to see you.


CJ said...

The short term goals really put u in perspective. I have posted my March Goals too and obviously working out 5x is my major goal ;-)

Lisa said...

Flexability is always great when designing one's monthly or weekly goals....thus the reason I am constantly changing mine, hehe
If I don't feel like I can accomplish one goal that I have set or written down, I will replace it with something that I feel more comfortable in achieving.
WAY TO GO on todays workout!


Blubeari said...

"teehee snatch" LOL!!!

Great goals! And I agree about needing to get some D from the sunshine. I have missed it and I'm certainly looking forward to nicer weather.

anne h said...

I like that you have goals.
I once was a goal-type person...
Seemed to work.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...

Just wanted to let you know that I had to redo my blog. I'm trying to let all my bloggin' buds know.

Laryssa said...

Yay for March!! And flexibility is a great idea in order to stay focused and on track. Just do the same with the workout schedule ... if you can't make it to the gym one day, you can always do 2 days walking instead to make it up.

Let's get things going this month!! Only 304 more days left in the year!! ;-)